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About Yujin Yeoh

Yujin Yeoh is recognised as the authority on how to promote, automate and grow businesses online.

Yujin Yeoh is a entrepreneur, speaker and investor.

Yujin has founded multiple businesses including SnapClean and WhyyMedia.

Whilst growing businesses Yujin utilises marketing and sales automation to grow and scale businesses online.

Word from Yujin

 I help business owners, online entrepreneurs and coaches to grow an automated, thriving and scale-able business.

My unique approach to business strategy consulting is the next frontier in business – I believe that every business first and foremost should be a technology and marketing company.

How do I do it? I use a number of tools to transform your business using my unique methodology:

Promote, Automate and Scale.

The result? A thriving business that gives you more time to work ON the business and not IN the business. Let’s get strategic and make shit happen!


Business Process Automation

Eliminate repetitive manual steps in your business.

Marketing Automation

Marketing systems that can be turned on and off at a flick of a switch.

Client Data Management

Each name and email could be worth between $5 -$20 in your business. Maybe more?

Latest Blogs

Let’s face it. A lot can change in an internet minute. That’s why I keep up to date and commit to sharing what’s working now and how to cut through the hype and focus on what matters.
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The Coke Hustle

Coca Cola. Sprite. Pasito. Fanta. Every morning I would travel to school on the train for about 40 minutes. You'd see me showing up to school with two bags. One backpack for my books and a sports bag on my right shoulder full of cans of soft drink. When I was 14 in...

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7 Simple Steps for Creating a Terrific Website in 60 Minutes

7 Simple Steps for Creating a Terrific Website in 60 Minutes

“A website? In 1 hour? How come, if they’re so many guys that learn web development for years and make pots of gold on it? Are their jobs senseless?”
Well, you probably thought the title was clickbait, but it’s not. Trust me, it’s a very real thing to create a website using WordPress in 1 hour. Just keep reading…

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Speaking & Media

“As a direct result of Yujin’s advice we managed to create 26 appointments creating $8,000 worth of sales.”

Brett Vasquez

Business Owner


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