Meet Yujin Yeoh

World’s Authority in Marketing Automation and Online Business.
Yujin Yeoh’s liking for business started from a young age. During his high school days as a 14 year old, Yujin used to flip soft drinks during school after soft drinks were banned from school canteens. This would be his first of many businesses. Yujin would go on to to sell various other products including earphones and other electronics during his high school and university days.

After struggling through university with average grades and working in the law and accounting industry.  Yujin had found himself with a large university debt and in a “stable” corporate job with long hours. After calculating the amount of hours worked in the office and his yearly salary the pay worked out to be about $13, less than what he was earning in his first job packing shelves at a super market.

Desperate for a way out Yujin turned to the Internet and discovered a way to make money online from the comfort of his home.

An Online Business You Can Work On From Anywhere

At the time, Yujin wasn’t sure what business he wanted to start but he knew he wanted to build something that gave him the freedom to be his own boss.

In 2017 while browsing on Reddit he noticed a post with a guide on how to build an online marketplace for local services in 30 Days. Yujin followed the guide and 12 days later, SnapClean was launched.


Four days after the SnapClean website was launched, Yujin Yeoh got a notification of payment received for $228. This online booking had provided him with his first online sale. That incredible moment marked the turning point in Yujin life when he realized that making money online was real.

Scaling and Growing the Business

Once there was a proof that the formula of an online business worked Yujin wanted to find a way to grow and scale SnapClean.

Yujin worked out that there were 3 parts to scaling a business:

1) Promote | Yujin use Google Ads and Facebook Ads to run ads to generate leads and sales.

2) Automate | Once the leads and sales were flowing, Yujin implemented ActiveCampaign and Zapier to automate the marketing and sales process.

3) Scale | Once the system was in place Yujin then scaled the businesses by launching in other cities.

By fine-tuning the marketing Yujin was able to scale SnapClean to over $13,000/month in sales in just under 5 months.

Yujin then was approached by other business owners to get help with their own marketing, this is where WhyyMedia and Automate Online was born.

Today Yujin is dedicated to empowering and mentoring other business owners in promoting and selling their product or service profitably on the Internet.

Through online programs and speaking on stages, Yujin has reached thousands of people from all walks of life

Yujin has created 100s websites and launched multiple digital products and services online.

He has trained hundreds of people in countries across the world.

His million-dollar partnerships have seen collaborations with thought leaders, influencers and legends in industries such as tech, software and events.

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