“The best speaker we had on the day! Yujin’s content was captivating and the audience couldn’t get enough.


Keynote Talks, Q&A, Interviews, Podcasts & Workshops

Yujin has delighted audiences around the world with his jargon-free presentations around digital marketing, marketing automation and entrepreneurship.

Yujin has spoken at multiple events and locations including the head office of ActiveCampaign.

Yujin has ability to connect with audiences, pass on knowledge and also provide an engaging Q&A segment.

Popular Keynote Topics

How to Automate Your Business' Sales & Marketing Process

Every business must be a technology and marketing business first. How many businesses are still doing their marketing and sales like it’s the 1990s?  The missing piece of the puzzle will save businesses $1,000s and countless hours by removing unnecessary manual processes.

Create an Avalanche of Leads and Sales With Facebook Marketing

We’ve all heard the stories of businesses burning money on Facebook – without any return. Yujin will  explore the fundamentals of Facebook advertising – the algorithm, case studies and metrics to look for.

Yujin's Journey and How He Launches New Businesses

Yujin shares his story of how he launched his companies and what he looks for when planning to launch a new busines. He also shares the steps he goes through when launching a new business to get from Idea on Day 1 to Website ready to transact on Day 28.

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