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May 28, 2020
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June 17, 2020

ClickFunnels for Agencies: Free Templates + What You Need to Know

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Are you looking for information on ClickFunnels for agencies?

As you may already know, digital marketing is an increasingly competitive industry. So competitive, in fact, that according to a report by Medium (an online publishing platform), 90 percent of Internet marketing agencies are bound to fail within the first few years.

The few that do survive will require a powerful marketing tool for driving targeted traffic and create high converting sales funnels for clients. Is ClickFunnels one such tool? Let’s find out!

In this article, we’ll delve into ClickFunnels for marketing agencies and what to expect out of it.

More importantly, we’ll go over specific applications where digital marketing agencies can make good use of ClickFunnels to meet (if not exceed) expectations and drive profitable results for clients.

Join us as we go over the following:

Why ClickFunnels?

Now you might be wondering — what’s so special about ClickFunnels?

After all, agencies have a plethora of options when it comes to marketing software.

While that may be true, few marketing platforms are as ideally suited for agencies like that of ClickFunnels. You see, unlike most other marketing platforms on the Internet,

ClickFunnels is ticketed as a complete sales funnel builder. That is to say that it provides all the tools that businesses need to drive and attract leads as well as sell and deliver products or services over the Internet.

Whether they realize it or not, business owners all need strategic and well-optimized sales funnels if they are to remain profitable and competitive in the foreseeable future. That said, it’s an area where most businesses tend to fall short, which is rather unfortunate. A good sales funnel can help business owners map each stage of their prospect’s journey from brand discovery and making purchase decisions to customer retention and beyond. Not many people understand the psychology behind sales funnel building. This is where businesses can benefit from the wealth of experience that digital marketing agencies have to offer.

Running a digital marketing agency has its’ unique set of challenges. For one thing, there’s the task of creating and managing multiple sales funnels for various clients from a multitude of niches. That’s no easy feat, and that’s where ClickFunnels come in! ClickFunnels makes it incredibly easy to create and manage an unlimited number of sales funnels and webpages. A drag-and-drop visual funnel builder and access to a collection of Clickfunnels agency templates mean that you never have to create anything from scratch. Agencies can simply choose a template from a relevant niche and personalize it to fit their client’s needs. That said, agencies can also code and build everything from scratch if they’re so inclined to do so.

Of course, what makes ClickFunnels for agencies such an attractive proposition is that it comes with literally every feature that a digital marketing agency needs to produce good results for as many clients that they can muster. This includes an integrated email autoresponder, payment gateways, webpage hosting, multiple domains, a comprehensive reporting, and analytics tool, and many more.

How an Agency can Make Good Use of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels offers three kinds of subscription plans:

  • Standard ClickFunnels account at $97 per month
  • ClickFunnels Platinum at $297 per month
  • ClickFunnels Collective at $1,497 per month

If you’re interested in ClickFunnels for agency use, then I would recommend opting for ClickFunnels Platinum as it offers the best value.

For $297 per month, agencies get access to unlimited funnels and pages that they can build for clients. The standard plan, on the other hand, limits users to just 20 funnels and 100 pages.

That’s not nearly enough when you consider that you’ll probably end up building multiple funnels and pages for each client. 

After all, rigorous split testing is necessary if you are to come up with a well-optimized sales funnel for clients.

It’s not unusual for marketers that use ClickFunnels for SMMAs (Social Media Marketing Agency) to build and manage more than 20 sales funnels and over a hundred pages for their clients.

What about the Clickfunnels Collective plan? Surely, if you’re looking to make it big as a digital marketing agency, then it’s better to sign up for the highest tier plan available, right? Well, not necessarily. If you’ve hit certain limits on the Platinum plan (up to 9 payment gateways and nine custom domains) and have the marketing budget for it, then sure. Collective also gives you access to VIP phone support, All Funnel Frameworks, FunnelFlix All Access Pass, and Live Events. Other than that, all the essential features for running a digital marketing agency are practically the same.

For more information, you can check out my ClickFunnels Review, which should cover everything that you need to know about the marketing platform. For now, let’s move on to specific applications and examples of a marketing agency funnel on ClickFunnels.

Lead Magnet Funnel

a screenshot of the lead magnet funnel building tool

Every good marketing agency funnel starts with a good lead magnet page. You may have already invested a great deal of time and money, creating a lead magnet that your prospects will find compelling and useful, but that’s just half the battle.  Businesses will need an attractive and professional-looking landing page to draw the interest of leads and collect email information for further engagement.

Manually creating lead magnet pages from scratch takes time — something that agencies clearly don’t have the time for when they’re looking after the interest of multiple clients. That’s where ClickFunnels comes in as it makes the funnel building process a lot easier. 

ClickFunnels offers a visual funnel builder that offers users a step-by-step guide on how to get a sales funnel going. As you can see above, agencies need only choose from a variety of funnel frameworks depending on the desired results. In this case, agencies can select “Lead Magnet Funnel” and ClickFunnels will walk them through a series of steps to get a lead magnet funnel up and running for their clients. 

Users can do everything from building a lead magnet page and hosting their freebies (eBook, a checklist, free trial, discounts, etc.) to serving up online forms and setting up an email series (autoresponder). Agencies can also use ClickFunnels to create a confirmation page to reassure prospects that their subscription to newsletters went through and that they’ll be able to access your lead magnet offers shortly.

Discovery Call Funnel

All too often, marketers set the usual confirmation page thanking leads for downloading their lead magnet and subscribing to their newsletters and whatnot. However, is stopping there really the best option?

Think about it — the confirmation page is when you’d have your prospect’s undivided attention. So why not capitalize on the situation by telling your prospects what to do next. In this case, agencies can use ClickFunnels to enable prospects to book a discovery call with their clients. That is perhaps, the most effective method to reassure customers that the business understands their pain and can offer the right solution to their problems.

Of course, it’ll be up to the client’s sales team to seal the deal. However, it’ll be the agency’s responsibility to filter out leads that may not be the best fit for the client. An agency can do that by using ClickFunnels to run what’s called “Survey Funnels”. This will allow agencies to ask leads some qualifying questions, and only those who’ve responded favorably will be allowed to book a discovery call. 

a screenshot of the survey tool on ClickFunnels

For example, let’s say that you’re an agency that’s building a discovery call funnel for a client who is in the home real estate business. As you can see above, you can set up a survey funnel asking leads what type of property they’re looking for. If they answer “Single Family Home”, then that might be a solid lead for your client, and they’ll love you for it! 

As an agency you might also want to generate appointments and conversations with your own prospects.

This is how I set up my agency Automate Online and WhyyMedia.

Usually I’ll offer a lead magnet like an eBook or Checklist.

Leads will them be directed to book a Discovery Call to discuss their project in more detail where I can offer the prospect further value to implement the project themselves or they choose to work with me as a client.

I use ClickFunnels for these processes. You can use the same template I built from. Just click the button below:

Of course, the example cited above is an oversimplification, and surveys for discovery call funnels are generally more extensive. Other factors need to be considered, such as budget, location, monthly income, etc. However, this should give you a good idea of how an agency can make good use of ClickFunnels to arrange discovery calls with leads worthy of their client’s time.

Deliver Online Courses

Agencies can use ClickFunnels to create reliable and high converting sales funnels to offer courses as gateway to their services.

a screenshot of the membership area on ClickFunnels

This includes a “membership area” that an agency can use to host and deliver their courses. Hence, agencies can set up funnels, landing pages, and offer premium online courses all in one platform, which mitigates the risk of anything going wrong.

Delivery of Video Services

The membership feature isn’t limited to eBooks or audiobooks and includes other types of digital assets as well.

This includes videos that agencies might sell as part of a training course, entertainment media, and whatnot. 

Again, you can host these assets from inside ClickFunnels, but there’s a file size limit of only 3 MB. That’s not much when you’re selling high-quality video services.

Fortunately, you can work around such restrictions as ClickFunnels integrates well with file-hosting services like Dropbox. 

Advice on How to Use ClickFunnels for Different Types of Clients

Perhaps the best thing about ClickFunnels is that an agency can use it to take on clients from just about any niche or industry.

That said, ClickFunnels is merely a tool, and it’s up to marketing agencies to make good use of it to promote their client’s interest. This requires a good understanding of a client’s line of business. 

What challenges and opportunities do your clients face daily?

No doubt, the answer would be different across different types of clients and agencies need to shape their strategies accordingly. That’s no easy feat, but the good news is that ClickFunnels is such a powerful and innovative marketing platform, it has everything you need to maintain a capable reputation with clients.

Thanks to ClickFunnels, you’d be able to create and manage everything on the fly — sales funnels, landing pages, autoresponders, memberships, CRMs (Customer Relations Management), and reports. This is something that clients are sure to appreciate!


So there you have it — a good look at how a marketing agency can use ClickFunnels to meet (if not exceed) client expectations. As you may have already realized, most other marketing tools don’t even come close to what ClickFunnels has to offer. It is safe to say that it has everything that you ( and your clients) need to do your work efficiently and quickly, all in one easy and highly versatile marketing platform.

Yujin Yeoh has a passion for helping others in reaching their goals through content and his agency Automate Online. Having been in the Marketing Industry, he knows a lot of different strategies and techniques that are sure to help you.

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