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May 23, 2020
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June 17, 2020

Funnel Builder Secrets Review — Is It For You?

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Are you looking for information on Funnel Builder Secrets and whether it’s worth looking into? Perhaps you’ve seen ads about investing in the latter and how it offers “crazy value” to funnel builders.

Whether you’re new to ClickFunnels or looking to upgrade from the standard plan, this is a decision you would want to hold off on until you learn more about everything that’s on offer. 

As you may already know, access to ClickFunnels higher-tier plans don’t come cheap. Funnel Builder Secrets is no exception, and you would want to make sure that you get every bit your money’s worth.

In this review, my aim to help you do just that as we go over the following:

So what exactly is Funnel Builder Secrets?

a screenshot of the funnel builder secrets website as reference for this Funnel Builder Secrets Review.

First things first — what in the world is Funnel Builder Secrets? The latter isn’t mentioned anywhere on the ClickFunnels pricing page, and if you’ve already signed up for the basic plan, then it may not be readily apparent to you why there’s a need to upgrade in the first place.

After all, Click Funnel claims to provide all the tools and strategies that marketers need in one platform, so why this additional offer?

Simply put, Funnel Builder Secrets is a special ClickFunnels offer that comes with six or twelve months worth of ClickFunnels Platinum subscription.

Members also get unlimited access to funnel scripts, a plethora of training programs as well as exclusive perks and content beyond your standard ClickFunnels dashboard (more on that later).

Why Sign up for Funnel Builder Secrets?

If you’re only starting out and yet to learn funnel building with ClickFunnels, then it wouldn’t make sense to jump into Funnel Builder Secrets right away.

This exclusive offer leans more towards marketers who are already enjoying some measure of success with ClickFunnels and must go beyond what the basic plan offers to keep their momentum going.

If that sounds a lot like you, then Funnel Builder Secrets is an upgrade worth considering.

As you might recall, the standard ClickFunnels account is limited to just 20 funnels and 100 pages.

That’s not much when you’re looking to build hundreds of sales funnels and landing pages. To get around this restriction, you normally have to upgrade to a higher tier plan — sign up for ClickFunnels Platinum, which lets you build an unlimited number of pages and sales funnels for $297 per month. 

Now you probably think that’s reasonable especially if you already see great results with your first few funnels. However, what if we told you that there’s an even better deal available? A way to unlock the premium features of the funnels app for less money and gain some exclusive bonuses while you’re at it. Well, that’s precisely what you can expect out of Funnel Builder Secrets and yet another good reason to sign up!

When you join Funnel Builder Secrets, you can save up to 15 percent off your monthly subscription (12- month plan only), and get access to some exclusive perks that you won’t find anywhere else — funnel hacks Masterclass, Funnel Scripts, a tonne of additional training materials and many more. After all, if you need to upgrade anyway, then why not save a significant amount of money in the process?

What do you get when you join Funnel Builder Secrets?

So what exactly do you get when you sign up for Funnel Builder Secrets? It’s a good question, especially when new members are expected to fork up a significant amount of money upfront.

Let’s take a closer look at some of it’s most notable perks and features:

Access to Funnel Hacks Masterclass

a screenshot of the Funnel Hacks training program dashboard

The Funnel Hacks Masterclass is a comprehensive course designed to help users maximize every feature that ClickFunnels has to offer. As you can see above, the course itself was meticulously planned and presented by Russell Brunson himself (ClickFunnels CEO and Founder).

Hence, in a way, you’d be learning from the head honcho himself. If you’ve ever felt that you might have missed something in ClickFunnels, then this course is an excellent place to start covering all your bases.

Funnel Hacks Masterclass features more than 14 hours of content that tackles everything from building and optimizing sales funnels, opt-in funnels, and digital product development to setting up webinars, launch funnels, and membership sites.

Traffic Secrets Course

screenshot of the Traffic Secrets dashboard

ClickFunnels has taken innovative steps that enable users to build complete sales funnels with relative ease, but that’s just half the battle. Even the best marketing funnels won’t do you any good if you’re unable to generate enough targeted traffic for it.

Russell Brunson knows this which is why he has secured access to the “Traffic Secrets” course for all Funnel Builder Secrets members at no added cost.

Traffic Secrets was created by a man named John Reese, who is said to be the first marketer to make a million dollars in just one day of marketing over the Internet.

Whether such a man ever truly existed and what he’s currently up to remains a subject of much debate in many marketing circles. 

What we do know for certain is that Russell Brunson has gone through the course and has found it immensely helpful during the early years of his marketing career. For this reason, he arranged to procure the rights to include it in his Funnel Builder Secrets membership program.

In Traffic Secrets, you will find a total of 24 modules spanning 289 lessons that are all dedicated to the art of traffic building. Users have the option to choose whether to go through the course in video or slides/text format. I

f you suspect that one of the underlying reasons why your sales funnels aren’t doing to well has to do with a lack of qualified traffic, then this course is yet another good reason to sign up for Funnel Builder Secrets!

Funnel Scripts

screenshot of the Funnel scripts main dashboard

Funnel Scripts is a web-based marketing software designed to help users write compelling copy for all pertinent elements of their sales funnels. This includes headlines, PPC ads, email series, webinar slides, sales pages, etc.

I’ve personally invested in Funnel Scripts to help in my own marketing.

From the Funnel Scripts dashboard, users will be able to select proven templates for the scripts that they’re looking to write. The software will then attempt to create a personalized and relevant copy by asking you some pertinent questions about your audience, such as:

  • Who are you writing the copy for?
  • What is the subject that you would like to cover?
  • What keywords would you like to use in your copy?

Once you’re done providing all the answers, the next step is to click on a “Generate” button and the software will automatically create multiple scripts based on your input. Users need only choose the ones they like the most and add them to their sales funnel. That said, we would recommend taking the time to manually tweak the script and ensure that everything just makes sense to your audience.

How much does it cost?

screenshot of the funnel builder secrets pricing page

Now that you have a good idea of what Funnel Builder Secrets has to offer, you might be wondering — how much does it cost?

Well, as you can see above, users have two options — a 6-month plan for $1,997 and a 12-month plan for $2,997. Both have the same perks and features, and the only real difference is membership duration.

If one of the main reasons for signing up is to save money, then you’d want to opt for the 12-month plan.

While paying $2,997 upfront might seem overly excessive, keep in mind that you’d actually be spending only $249.75 per month for your ClickFunnels Platinum subscription. That works out to $47.5 worth of savings per month (saving 15% a month) or $570 per year.

The 6-month plan, on the other hand, would have you paying $332 per month. That’s more expensive than the usual ClickFunnels Platinum subscription which costs $297 per month but you get the bundled training that comes with it.


So there you have it — everything that you need to know about Funnel Builder Secrets and how it offers a better deal than simply signing up for ClickFunnels Platinum!

So is it for you? Well, that depends on just how invested you are in the marketing platform and whether or not you’re confident about spending a significant amount of money upfront. 

Again, if you need to upgrade anyway because you’ve hit your limits on the standard account (sales funnels and pages) or need access to some more advanced features (Follow-up Funnels, Backpack, and Memberships), then signing up for a 12-month plan with Funnel Builder Secrets just makes sense.

Not only will you be shaving 15 percent of your ClickFunnels Platinum subscription, but you also get access to tools and all the training resources that you need to make the most out of the all-in-one marketing platform.

Yujin Yeoh has a passion for helping others in reaching their goals through content and his agency Automate Online. Having been in the Marketing Industry, he knows a lot of different strategies and techniques that are sure to help you.

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